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26 December 2013 @ 09:18 pm
Username: Rlmagicalgirl, I have a bunch of different names on different websites, aha.
Name: Echo, but my real name is Kelly!
Age: I'll be 13 in a couple of days!
lolita: Sweet, Classical, Qi, Hime, Country, Sailor, basically every style other than gothic, lol!
non-lolita: Cardigan sweaters, floral skirts, skinny jeans, things at your local forever21.
Location: I live in the 'old' part of Pearland!
Contact info: (any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.)
My deviantart is KyandiPantsu, my tumblr is Yoweehands and my skype is Mountaindewluu ( Please state who you are! )