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14 May 2016 @ 11:41 am
Hello, everyone!
My name is Jasmine. I'm almost fourteen years old, and I'm somewhat new to this community.
I have been interested in the fashion for almost three years now, and finally I'm now able to buy dresses. Not very expensive ones yet, but still, it is a start.
I live in Humble.
My style is a range from classic to sweet, and I would love to befriend everyone!
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09 November 2014 @ 04:16 pm
I have been Dressing Lolita for about 4 years now, since my BFF showed me BTSSB in SF on my visit there. I pretty much wear it everyday for about a year now. My wardrobe is split between Sweet and EGL styles, and I have interests in many of the styles and sub-styles including but far from limited to these. I have not yet reached out to any of the communities, so decided to venture forth into the local community. My social skills aren't that great, but I guess there is only one way to fix that...start being social :p I am a Transgender Woman - MTF, BTW, hopefully that's not an issue in this community, but it has created issues in other areas of life, but am hopeful the Lolita community will be a kind and open minded one.

I'm feeling a little down today, because I just flew back in from Manhattan to Houston last night and the airline lost my garment bag with all but one of my ensembles.....mostly brand :( .....so I am waiting to see if they find my 7 lost outfits....before I start mourning their loss. Anyhow, that's depressing and I need to get out of that state of mind and think and hope positively!

I would love to know more about the meetups, being a lone Lolita can be lonely! It would be nice to be around people that understand what its about....and it would be nice to be in a group of people without getting called little bo-peep or asked if I lost my sheep 50x a day lol It don't bother me that much but it does get pretty old pretty quick!!

I like lolita cause it brings me to a different place mentally than I would be if I were not in lolita... and I think that new place is better. I work in an industry surrounded by "adult themes" and Lolita gives me a mental break away from that.
25 August 2014 @ 10:58 pm
Username: lolitacloud
Name: Izzy Ninaru
Age: 26
Location: Spring
Style: Goth Lolita and Punk

Hello! Nice to meet you all! I am coming back into the lolita fashion and am very excited about it! I have missed looking at dresses and thinking of all the cute things I enjoyed. How have things been? I have been more of a lurker in the group but I finally decided to come and hang out with you guys at the Gothic Lolita Wigs party. n.n;

Well thank you for having me and I hope we become good friends! :D

05 June 2014 @ 10:24 am
Username: chelseaanntloli
Name: Chelsea
Age: 21
Location: The Woodlands
Style: sweet lolita, classic lolita

I was wondering if this community is still active or not?

I first started lolita about 7 years ago but then quit after only a year due to dicouragement from my parents and lack of a community to have for support! I'm having to start all over because I sold absolutely everything.

So hello community! Please comment and give me some advice for starting over and let me know if we still do meet ups or not please :)

26 December 2013 @ 09:18 pm
Username: Rlmagicalgirl, I have a bunch of different names on different websites, aha.
Name: Echo, but my real name is Kelly!
Age: I'll be 13 in a couple of days!
lolita: Sweet, Classical, Qi, Hime, Country, Sailor, basically every style other than gothic, lol!
non-lolita: Cardigan sweaters, floral skirts, skinny jeans, things at your local forever21.
Location: I live in the 'old' part of Pearland!
Contact info: (any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.)
My deviantart is KyandiPantsu, my tumblr is Yoweehands and my skype is Mountaindewluu ( Please state who you are! )
25 December 2013 @ 02:58 pm
Username: chespermi
Name: Angelle
Age: 15
lolita: Classical, but I often tend to stray away and prefer borderline styles such as classical/gothic or classical/sweet.
non-lolita: Primarily of Jeans and nice sweaters(Even during the summer since I am always cold)
Location: Border of Friendswood and League City(Anyone else by some chance?)
About: I am relatively new to the Lolita Community, as I actually learned about it just before Oni-Con X. As stated above, I adore Classical, but rather than wearing pieces that are obviously classical, I tend to enjoy pieces that are on the borderline between Classical and Gothic or Classical and Sweet. As a fifteen year old, I am a freshman in highschool and am slowly trying to accumulate my first chord as well as an eventual wardrobe. Are there any other Lolita's nearby this area? At this point in time I only know of two others but was curious as to presence of others?
Contact info:(any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.): I do have two tumblrs, one of which is a personal use blog and the other a lolita, pastel goth and fairy kei, both are reasonably locations to contact me: chesperofderse.tumblr.com and pretty-and-peculiar.tumblr.com
25 November 2013 @ 11:10 pm

Anime Matsuri 2014 will be taking place in Houston, TX on March 14-16. For 2014, AM has made J-Fashion a big part of the convention and we are proud to announce the guests!

Once upon a time...1 President, 3 Designers, 3 Brands, 5 ModelsCollapse )
13 September 2013 @ 12:27 pm
Username: Alierina

Name: Alie

Age: 24 (eek!!)

lolita: I love love love classic! I'm very much drawn to it. I've always been a fan of Victorian-esq clothing. I also like some sweet lolita. I currently am waiting for some clothes from Bodyline and Baroque Lolita... so excited to get them in! I'm also sewing up a JSK right now that is like a sweet side of classic.
non-lolita: Outside of lolita I'm pretty casual. Jeans with a cute top or a dress. I love color, patterns, and textures! I do student teach so I have my collection of "school appropriate" feminine work clothes as well... always colorful too!

Location: Downtown

About: I attend UH and am a senior there. I'm majoring in middle school education with a specialization in science. I'm a science nerd. I also collect dolls. I have 5 Blythes, 2 Tangkous, 1 J-Doll, a ton of Monster High (I always swore that I wouldn't get sucked into those....), and some random ones as well. In my little free time I enjoy sewing.

How did I find out about Houston Lolita: I saw you all at NASA over the summer and went up to talk to a few of you. I've known about it lolita for a few years, but knew I had to do it after talking to y'all.

Contact info: (any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.) I'm on tumblr. Feel free to send me a PM on here :)

I'd really love to attend a meet-up!!!
22 August 2013 @ 01:23 pm
b>Username</b>: Lucie Polkinghorne (thats what I get for signing up w/ facebook)
Name: Lucie
Age: 13 (almost)
lolita: Sweet, right now
non-lolita: anything comfortable
Location: Kingwood
About: Just found out about lolita... and how to dress it the RIGHT way. Looking for a pen pal.
Contact info: (any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.) ... IDK
22 August 2013 @ 01:11 pm
I just moved here and am in Kingwood. Are there any lolitas around the Kingwood area? Please tell me! I am also searching for a lolita pen pal.