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13 September 2013 @ 12:27 pm
Username: Alierina

Name: Alie

Age: 24 (eek!!)

lolita: I love love love classic! I'm very much drawn to it. I've always been a fan of Victorian-esq clothing. I also like some sweet lolita. I currently am waiting for some clothes from Bodyline and Baroque Lolita... so excited to get them in! I'm also sewing up a JSK right now that is like a sweet side of classic.
non-lolita: Outside of lolita I'm pretty casual. Jeans with a cute top or a dress. I love color, patterns, and textures! I do student teach so I have my collection of "school appropriate" feminine work clothes as well... always colorful too!

Location: Downtown

About: I attend UH and am a senior there. I'm majoring in middle school education with a specialization in science. I'm a science nerd. I also collect dolls. I have 5 Blythes, 2 Tangkous, 1 J-Doll, a ton of Monster High (I always swore that I wouldn't get sucked into those....), and some random ones as well. In my little free time I enjoy sewing.

How did I find out about Houston Lolita: I saw you all at NASA over the summer and went up to talk to a few of you. I've known about it lolita for a few years, but knew I had to do it after talking to y'all.

Contact info: (any other places you can be found, e-mail, IM, etc.) I'm on tumblr. Feel free to send me a PM on here :)

I'd really love to attend a meet-up!!!